Formen Legitimer Herrschaft, 2014
8 posters with QR codes, 8 video files, different objects

The project was developed for the public art project "Vor-Ort" in Sennstadt. Sennestadt was as an ambitious urban development project built in the 1960's by the architect and city planer Hand Bernahrd Reichow (1899-1974).

The piece consists of a series of short films which can be accessed by scanning QR codes placed on posters distributed throughout the city. The films do not tell stories, but document human interaction with everyday objects such as shopping bags and trollies, headphones, credit card readers, etc. Rather then documenting these interactions in their everyday context, the supermarket, the street, the domestic space, they have been re-staged in a laboratory-like setting.

The films function as inserts into the urban everyday life of the Sennestadt. Once the spectator has scanned a QR code and watches the "motion studies" three spacial systems along with their related temporal structure are coming to an overlap: The laboratory like space documented in the films (representing the archetype of a non specific, neutral space), the non-space of the data centre where the films exist as stored data, and the specific urban environment in Sennestadt, were people are walking by possibly doing similar things to what the people in the film performed once for the camera.

The footage shot for Formen Legitimer Herrschaft has also been edtied into a 20 min. long film with the title Suspended Duration, which is part of the installation Lettuce Partially Emerging from a Shopping Bag.