Shelbourne Park Nights, 2005
Two Super 8 films transferred to 16 mm and collages

Shelbourne Park Nights deals with dog races, betting, numerology and sleepwalking. Its different elements (16 mm film, book pages, photocopies) form an associative net, of which parts can be recombined over and over again, as they take place simultaneously. The effect is  a narrative openness that forces the interpretation to loose all certainty questioning weather it imposed itself upon or derived from the facts. Like the numerologists fixation on numbers, the sleepwalkers perspective on factual reality is obstructed by the distortion, deriving from his somnambulistic perspective. The blind spot of the story is the fixation of the narrator. For this reason the protagonist of Shelbourne Park Nights can only emerge at the rim of the story, where he becomes identical with the spectator.